Create the love and intimacy you want
A Group for Women

  • Are you feeling dissatisfied in your primary relationship
  • Not feeling heard
  • Trouble getting your needs met
  • Loss of emotional connection
  • Loss of physical connection or intimacy
  • Loss of trust or experience betrayal
  • Do differences and conflicts go unresolved
  • Felt like your relationship had drifted apart
  • Your partner avoidant, not engaged or other

While relationships are processes of negotiation and will never met every need, woman frequently report feeling stuck and discouraged about their primary relationship with a loss of connection and intimacy. This facilitated women’s group will provide tools and strategies to establish healthy boundaries, taking care of oneself and finding the right relational balance of individuation and connection with partner. You will develop proficiency in the following:

  • Develop inner resiliency, identify boundaries and voice needs
  • Locate the right balance of control and power in relationship
  • Identify adopted messages received from the past about female identity and roles
  • A daily mindfulness practice to support self awareness and insight
  • Identify relational triggers that escalate into conflicts
  • Find the right balance of individuation (separation) and mutuality (connection)
  • Effectual and honest communication skills
  • Resolve past hurts and relationship wounds

Transform pain and shame to resilience, joy and healthy intimacy.

Transform and live your couple partnership with consistent mutual communication with deeper connection, love and intimacy. Develop interpersonal skills to resolve and repair differences and conflicts so that they no longer overwhelm or derail your primary relationship.

This group will include face-to-face meetings reinforced by an online curriculum.