Telehealth Sexual Addiction Counseling Program New Mexico

Live outside of the Albuquerque area?

Telehealth sexual addiction counseling program New Mexico. If you live in New Mexico but outside the vicinity of Albuquerque, contact us and we will arrange with you a blended treatment program that will start treatment with a face-to-face intensive assessment and continue treatment services online from the convenience of your living location using HIPPA-compliant communication technology that will provide secure, private and convenient sessions. Telehealth Sexual Addiction Counseling Program New Mexico

The CRSR Telehealth Program will begin with an assessment and treatment with scheduled meetings in Albuquerque. This will consist of two 3-hour sessions. The second phase will continue from your home location with weekly 50-minute sessions using Telehealth HIPPA-compliant communication technology. We will work together to design local and non-local services and resources to establish a network and community of support. After each 12-session period, we will schedule a 3-hour session in Albuquerque.

The 3-hour session meeting in Albuquerque after the 12 tele-sessions will consist of further assessment and with your participation determine the best course of further recovery stabilization and treatment.

Technology requirements include access to Internet in a private and confidential location and Windows or Macintosh operating systems. 

Please contact us with any questions regarding the CRSR Telehealth Program.

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