Spouses & Partners of Sex Addicts Spouses and Partners of Sex Addicts

Are you a spouse or partner of a sex addict struggling with trust, anger, confusion, shame or difficulties with boundary setting?

Sex addiction and intimacy disorder treatment is a path toward recovery for both partners. Our spouse and partner of sex addicts treatment program help you tend to the painful emotional wounds from your partner’s problematic sexual behavior and intimacy challenges.


What’s involved in spouse and partner Spouses partners sex addicts sexual addiction counseling Sex addiction counselingtreatment?

We will work with you to find the appropriate type of treatment or combination of support with your participation.

Individual therapy – In a safe and confidential setting, you will explore, understand and heal from the many difficult, confusing or conflicting feelings that often result from a partner’s sexual problems or intimacy issues and begin to heal yourself and relationship.

Couples Therapy – Assessing if and when couples therapy would be appropriate is an important process in healing the relationship challenges and wounds that have taken place and to re-establish relational trust, honest communication and intimacy.

Process groups – Therapist-facilitated process groups provide support from others who share similar challenges with their spouse or partner. Sharing your story with others who understand, and receiving their support and validation is an important step in developing shame resiliency and healing from your partner’s actions.

Education – You’ll learn about underlying issues like trauma, neglect and abuse that contribute to intimacy disorders and sexual addiction. You’ll also discover the best ways to communicate with and support your partner in their recovery, while also taking care of yourself and your boundaries and needs.

Self-help support – Participation in 12-step groups such as S-Anon and COSA can be supportive to your healing process.12-step groups are a good way to process your grief and empower yourself to take responsibility for your own behavior, decisions and boundaries.

Transform pain and shame to resilience, joy, and healthy intimacy

Find and walk a path out of addiction and intimacy disorder. CRSR specializes in private and comprehensive sexual recovery. You are not alone. We can help.

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