Sexual addiction, also called hypersexual disorder, may be defined and identified as any compulsive or impulsive sexual activity that falls into one of three categories: shameful, secretive or abusive. Internet sexual addiction is a relatively new form of sexual addiction and is one of the most prevalent.
Sexual addiction is a pattern of compulsive sexual behavior and fantasy that causes problems in the individual’s life. There can be repeated attempts to stop (or at least to limit)  sexual thoughts and behaviors, without success. Over time, sexual addiction escalates and takes over one’s life, resulting in any number of negative consequences, including relationship instability, declining physical and/or emotional health, trouble at work or in school, financial woes, loss of interest in previously enjoyable activities, legal issues and more.

You may benefit from sex addiction treatment if you are experiencing any of the following:

  • A partner threatening to leave because of your sexual behavior
  • Loss of time due to the viewing of pornography
  • Risking losing your job due to pornography use or chatting at work
  • Obsessive use of applications such as Grindr, Scruff, or Bang with Friends
  • A lack of sex life with your partner, but promiscuity outside of your relationship
  • Hiding your sexual behavior from your partner
  • Compulsive masturbation
  • Impulsive, repetitive use of pornography, usually online but also in more traditional forms
  • A pattern of casual or anonymous sex, usually facilitated by hookup websites or apps
  • Multiple affairs or a pattern of brief “serial” relationships, usually facilitated by dating websites or apps
  • Engaging in prostitution and/or sensual massage (hiring or providing)
  • A pattern of having unprotected sex
  • Seeking out sexual experiences without considering the possible consequences
  • Misdemeanor sexual offenses such as voyeurism and exhibitionism
  • Compulsive use of smartphone cameras and webcams for sexual purposes (webcam sex, sexualized chat, sexting, etc.)