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Porngraphy Addiction Counseling, porn addiction, Albuquerque

We provide private, comprehensive and effectual porn addiction and porngraphy addiction counseling treatment services.

Are you struggling with the ability to stop viewing pornography? Struggle with compulsive masturbation? Do you engage in other forms of non-intimate sexuality, including webcam sex, sexting, casual or anonymous sex, affairs, prostitution, exhibition and voyeurism (online or offline)?

Signs of Porn Addiction:

    • Continued porn use despite consequences and/or promises to stop
    • Increasing the amount of time spent on porn use
    • Significant periods of time (hours or days) lost to finding and viewing pornography
    • Needing to increase the intensity or type of sexual content viewed in order to get a fix
    • Lying and covering up the nature and extent of porn use
    • Anger or irritability if asked to stop
    • Loss of interest in sexual relationships with spouses or partners
    • Feeling alone or detached from others
    • Using drugs or alcohol in conjunction with porn
    • Objectifying strangers, or viewing them as body parts rather than people
    • Escalation to using the Internet for anonymous sexual hookups or to find prostitutes

There can be avoidance and reluctance to seek help because the connection between solo sexual behaviors with life problems is not clearly connected. Often help is sought for the symptoms of the pornography problem, such as depression, loss of connection or intimacy, maintaining a relationship or escalating conflict with partner.

Contact us for a comprehensive assessment to determine if porn is causing problems in your life and identify the right treatment to achieve the right outcome. Unacknowledged or untreated addiction to porn frequently escalates into arousal desires with increasing negative consequences on relationships with partner, family and work.

Want more information to further assess:

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The Sexual Addiction Screening Test (SAST) is designed to assist in the assessment of sexually compulsive behavior which may indicate the presence of sex addiction. This is a confidential test; only you see the results.

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