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Men Mindfulness Emotional Intelligence Intimacy Group

A private and confidential men’s group to learn and utilize mindfulness practices, develop interpersonal emotional intelligence skills/vocabulary and accomplish intimacy success and prosperity with your partner.

Do you struggle with intimacy in your primary relationship?

  • Socialized not to express feeling or needs growing up?
  • Feeling like a failure or inadequate in your relationship?
  • Partner not feeling emotionally met?
  • General sense of loneliness or isolation?
  • Commitment difficult?
  • Trouble being direct or honest?
  • Relational conflicts go unresolved?
  • Avoid showing vulnerability?
  • Have difficulty growing community or deeper friendships?

Ments Group

You are not alone. Men frequently identify with many of these relationship issues. All men have the capacity to develop cognitive-emotional awareness and the communication skills that enable a fulfilling and successful relational life.

This facilitated men’s group will develop and deepen interpersonal intelligence to communicate effectively in your primary relationship.

What you will learn, practice & takeaway:

  • Interpersonal intelligence
  • Mature, strong & wise masculinity
  • Emotionally met your partner
  • Communication skills and strategies
  • Keep commitments
  • Broaden emotional vocabulary
  • Resolve relational conflicts
  • Integrated, mutual & connective sex
  • End the grip of shame
  • Daily mindfulness practice
  • Build community & friendships

Find the hard & right soft skill balance in your relationship

Group Requirements:

-Initial individual meeting session
-12 bi-weekly group session commitment
-One time group payment or two time group payment option
-Signed Group Privacy and Confidentiality Agreement


Mens Group


For more information or registration call 505 750 4108

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A 12 session group for men. This group will include face-to-face bi-weekly 11/2 long sessions with an accompanying online curriculum.

Time: Tuesday nights 6:00 to 7:30 PM

Cost: $50 dollars per session

Location: 5800 McLeod Rd. NE Albuquerque, NM 87109
Suite A

This is private and confidential group.