Mens Group Payments

You can registrar and hold a space in the group here and make payments for 6 mens group meeting blocks. 

The registration downpayment is fully refundable when you provide 48 hour prior notice to the group starting date/time. This payment is not refundable after 48 hours prior to the group start date/time. The registration downpayment will be credited towards the group meetings payment. 
Read and review the group Partner Group Cancellation and Missed Appointment policy. 
Group Initial Downpayment

This an initial downpayment to hold a space in the group. This payment will credited to full payment to the group. This initial payment is fully refundable with 24-hour notice minus the credit card operating percentage charge.

The payment includes the following charges:

Initial Group Sessions = $50.00
Gross Receipt Tax is 7.85% = $3.95
Credit Card Charge 2.9% + .30 = $1.75
Total = $55.70

Group Payment for 6 Meetings

This is payment for 6 group session.
The rate includes the following:

6 Group Sessions X 50.00 = $300.00
Gross Receipt Tax is 7.85% = $23.62
Credit Card Carge 2.9% + .30  = $9.00
Total = $332.62