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Mens Relational Lifestyle Health Group

This facilitated Mens Group meets every other week on Wednesday. There is a morning group that starts at 11:00 AM and night group that meets at 6:00 PM. These groups provide a supportive setting to make significant life changes and move learned knowledge into life practice. Topics include: Sexual health,  relational intimacy, emotional intelligence, resiliency, communication skills, lifestyle change.

Call CRRS – 505 750 4108 – with inquiry questions and to register. 

Mens Wellness Daylong Workshop

Takeaways from this mens workshop include five lifestyle challenges that will energize your Work-Life performance and motivate and jumpstart your personal health. 
  • Mind Matters
  • Emotion Matters
  • Body Matters
  • Nutrition Matters
  • Spirit Matters
Design and take action on an optimum daily life/work performance practice. We will learn, challenge, and put into practice mindfulness skills, exercise and nutrition,  emotional intelligence,  and life purpose. 
Registrar now. We will run the workshop when 12 men are registered. We will be in touch one month before the event start date to confirm the workshop is starting or if workshop date is moved forward. We will keep open enrollment until we have a start date.

Jose Maresma has been a practicing exercise and performance scientist for almost 29 years. His career started working with elite athletes and coaches at the Olympic Training Center, US Ski Team, USA Cycling, USA Soccer Federation & National Team, MLS, NHL, NFL, NBA, Elite Military and law enforcement agencies and over 100 Division 1 College Sports Programs. During the 15 years he worked with high performing athletes he came to the realization that LIFE was the most challenging “sport” that anyone plays. Yet very few people show up daily-prepared for “the game of life” the way athletes do on the playing filed. Jose has spent the last 14 years focused on how to bring your best self forward. Jose has a very deep understanding of physiology and neuro-science and how we can take very simple and specific action to live healthier, more focused, brighter and more fulfilled. Jose incorporates mindful attention training, nutrition and physical movement to help the Mind, Body & Spirit shine.

Mark Pugsley, PhD, LCSW, CSAT received a Master of Social Service from Bryn Mawr College Graduate School of Social Work and Research in 1997, graduated from the Gestalt Therapy Institute of Philadelphia in 2002, and received a doctorate from the University of New Mexico in Organizational Learning and Instructional Technology in 2010. Mark is co-founder Center for Relationship and Sexual Addiction ( and specializes in couples counseling, relational intimacy disruption, substance and behavioral adduction including sexual addiction and mindfulness-based trauma recovery. Mark provides leadership/management coaching, team consulting and facilitates weekly men’s groups.




Sexual addiction group, pornorgapy addiction group and mindfulness, emotional intelligence & intimacy group for men and women

Center for Relationship and Relational Recovery offers a variety of group programs facilitated by certified staff members. Group programs include a sexual addiction group, pornorgapy addiction group and mindfulness, emotional intelligence & intimacy group for men and women.


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Center for Relationship and Sexual Recovery (CRSR) provides private and comprehensive treatment services for sexual addiction counseling, love addiction, porgnorgraphy addiction, couples counseling and marriage therapy in Albuquerque and state of New Mexico. We have a team of licensed Certified Sex Addiction Therapists (CSAT) who are specially trained in treating sex addiction. We use a treatment model that identifies underlying conditions to addictive behaviors and results based strategies to healthy intimacy. CRSR provides individual therapy, group therapy, couples and family therapy, and intensive weekend workshops. We are conveniently located near the exit of Jefferson and 40. We have a telehealth program for those seeking services who live in New Mexico outside of Albuquerque. We offer a confidential online program and counseling services in a safe and confidential environment.