Relationship Intimacy Tips

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Contempt pulls couples apart. Kindness brings couples together. 

The research by Psychologist John Gottman demonstrates this couple’s relational behavioral outcome.
For more information and background see Atlantic article Master of Love by Emily Esfahani Smith –

Showing real interest in the joys of your partner strengthens emotional connection and intimacy.
An act of generosity for self, partner and to the togetherness of the relationship itself.

We enlarge our circle of needs and wants to include our partner’s circle of needs and wants.
Generosity without quid pro quo.

This includes healthy relational boundaries. Neither giving too little or giving too much. A balance between individuality and mutuality. Where is the right balance point in your relationship? Do I need to extend and give a little more of myself to the relationship or ask for a need?

Experiment: During the morning consider a simple act of kindness and generosity given to your relationship during the upcoming day.