NoFap Porn Addiction Recovery Resource Website

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NoFap is a secular porn-recovery community website. Founded by Alexander Rhodes in June 20, 2011 as a forum on the social media platform reddit that has continued to evolve. Th NoFap porn recovery program is called “rebooting” to restore and return the brain’s neural pathways back to ‘factory settings.’ The site offers access to supporting apps, forums, community supports and an online academy the provides a structured recovery program that costs $40 a month for three months.

We Need To Talk About Sex Addiction | Paula Hall

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TED Talk by Paula Hall Published on 29 Mar 2016. Sex addiction affects young and old, rich and poor, male and female.  This talk provides a good overview of how sexual addiction can emerge in our ordinary lives and the need for society to start talking about sex addiction and bring the problem out of the shadows, judgements, shame and secrecy.

Two quotes from Hall’s talk I found meaningful:

“power of compassion when we can embrace the fact that we all make mistakes we all have regrets we all struggle with difficult emotions and sometimes we don’t know how to handle them while we can start talking about issues like sex addiction with compassion.”

three things (I would like you) to take away from this talk: Firstly sex addiction is a real problem, secondly it affects people and thirdly by talking about it with compassion can begin to break through the secrecy and shame.”

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Informative Intro Pornography Addiction Treatment Videos

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Pornography is the number one topic for internet searches. Pornography constitutes about twenty five percent of all search engine requests, and is the fourth most common reason people give for going on the internet. Here are two informative introduction videos on the impact of pornography to our lives, dopamine neural connections in the brain and stategies to change the porngraphy ‘mind map’ into one of relationship connection and intimacy.


The Science of Pornography Addiction by AsapSCIENCE
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A Mind Map for Sex and Porn Addiction – Paula Halls Road to Brighton

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Relationship Intimacy Tips

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Contempt pulls couples apart. Kindness brings couples together. 

The research by Psychologist John Gottman demonstrates this couple’s relational behavioral outcome.
For more information and background see Atlantic article Master of Love by Emily Esfahani Smith –

Showing real interest in the joys of your partner strengthens emotional connection and intimacy.
An act of generosity for self, partner and to the togetherness of the relationship itself.

We enlarge our circle of needs and wants to include our partner’s circle of needs and wants.
Generosity without quid pro quo.

This includes healthy relational boundaries. Neither giving too little or giving too much. A balance between individuality and mutuality. Where is the right balance point in your relationship? Do I need to extend and give a little more of myself to the relationship or ask for a need?

Experiment: During the morning consider a simple act of kindness and generosity given to your relationship during the upcoming day.

Center for Relationship & Sexual Recovery Open House

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Sexual addiction counseling, sex addiction counseling couples therapy, marriage counseling, Albuquerque

Center for Relationship & Sexual Recovery



Open House 


Please join us for an Open House at the Center for Relationship and Sexual Recovery


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Date: Friday April 15
Time: 4:00 to 6:00 PM
Location: 5800 McLeod Rd NE
Suite A Albuquerque, NM 87109

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Come meet our staff and learn more about the work we are doing to treat sex, love and pornography addiction, relationship betrayal and couples issues.


A great networking opportunity

Light snacks and beverages provided