We Need To Talk About Sex Addiction | Paula Hall

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TED Talk by Paula Hall Published on 29 Mar 2016. Sex addiction affects young and old, rich and poor, male and female.  This talk provides a good overview of how sexual addiction can emerge in our ordinary lives and the need for society to start talking about sex addiction and bring the problem out of the shadows, judgements, shame and secrecy.

Two quotes from Hall’s talk I found meaningful:

“power of compassion when we can embrace the fact that we all make mistakes we all have regrets we all struggle with difficult emotions and sometimes we don’t know how to handle them while we can start talking about issues like sex addiction with compassion.”

three things (I would like you) to take away from this talk: Firstly sex addiction is a real problem, secondly it affects people and thirdly by talking about it with compassion can begin to break through the secrecy and shame.”

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