We work with wide range of issues relating to addiction, trauma and relationship recovery. In a confidential and supportive atmosphere, we offer evidence-based and a highly personalized approach tailored to your individual needs to help you regain the balance that you may be missing in your life and your relationship. We will design with you a treatment program that addresses the underlying dynamics and causes behind your sexual behavior.



We offer a variety of confidential groups at CRSR. Groups provide an effective form of treatment for addictive disorders and related issues. Developing a sense of community of support, that one is not alone, and to connect with others that have experienced what you have experienced, provides an intensive recovery learning environment.

Group are facilitated by CSAT therapist and consist of a combination of directed and interactive recovery experiences. You will work on developing healthy boundaries, that translate over to outside personal life and work settings. Group participation provides insights and growth from different perspectives, accountability and personal integrity, and supports each person’s path of recovery and sustaining sobriety.


Each client will receive an in-depth one-on-one assessment with experienced CSAT therapist during which the history of their intimacy issues or sexual addiction will be discussed. A specific roadmap for change will then be developed that meets your needs and recovery goals. During this treatment phase, an immediate assessment of sexual concerns will take place along with a thorough background, family history, unresolved trauma, occurring addictions, and other social, psychological, and emotional considerations.